13 Ways to include your family during your elopement

if you want to include them!


Have them write letters and read them before your ceremony

After letting your family know of your elopement, ask family members who might give a toast at your traditional wedding to write a letter for you to read during your elopement! Of course only ask the babes that would support you in all your anti-tradition ways!


Dinner with them after your ceremony

Meet them at your location of choice for a dinner to celebrate, private chef, picnic dinner, or In-n-Out for burgers! You can still Celebrate in person if you want!


Take a video after your ceremony and send it to them later

In the far reaches of almost any National Park you may be missing “Cell reception” so take a video and save it to your phone of you and your love in your favorite place right after you said I do!! Then when you are back at the hotel or whenever you can send it to them and they can celebrate where they are!


Zoom call your Ceremony

If your ceremony location is in just the right spot service and WIFI might be available! You can include your family by having them attend VIRTUALLY. Covid changed the way we view eloping ( it was perfectly fine before but became generally more acceptable after 2020) But including family over any distance can be a great way to include family but not need to invite them in person!


Invite them during just the ceremony

Have them there, if you are able you don’t have to worry about traditional sitting or a full venue just invite them family say I do and then send them on there way and adventure for the rest of your day!


Use a family member to Officiate

A family member you trust as your officiant is a great way to include family ( although best done if you are inviting your family to the ceremony) It definitely makes your ceremony a more personal experience with someone who knows you so well being so intrinsic to your day!

Mount Lassen Picnic in a National Park


Have them help with dinner

Potluck style dinner or family helping with the menu, celebrate your elopement by gathering together for a meal


Invite them to most of the day!

You can include your family in the majority of the day if you want to, I would definitely suggest taking time for yourself but elopements aren’t always no guests just less guests! I would suggest keeping the list under 25, locations become increasingly more difficult with extra guests!!


Brunch the next day

Day after celebrations can be the way to go for your family! Definitely more laid back you don’t need to eat or celebrate in your wedding attire but choose to buy an extra outfit for a cute brunch with family and friends to celebrate!


Have a few guests and celebrate with your closests peoples

You don’t have to invite any family if you don’t want to. Include specific family members or just friends keep the guest list limited and do more fun things with your perfect friend group even if its just sitting on a couch drinking coffee.


Party later

A later date reception obviously isn’t happening the day of your elopement but does still allows your family to celebrate your marriage in a way where you get to celebrate twice. Whether you have it a week later or a year later you can celebrate how and when you want!


Call them before your Ceremony!

A simple call to celebrate with your family a moment before you start your ceremony or really anytime during the day. A call can be enough and no stress way to include your family.



You don’t have to include your family in any way if you don’t want! Heck if you need an excuse not to here it is, YOUR ELOPEMENT IS YOUR DAY AND NO ONE ELSE’S, if they ask why they weren’t invited you can tell them your photographer gave you permission to have an intimate experience with nature and each other!

It is your day, you have full permission to do everything you want and throw out anything that won’t bring you joy!

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