Why you need to book a longer engagement session!

An engagement session is a special time for you and your significant other to showcase your love story and capture moments that you can remember forever. However, one hour may not be enough time to capture all the beauty and essence of your love story.

1. Time to get to know your photographer

The first reason why you need more than just an hour for your engagement session is that you need adequate time to get to know your photographer. Having a strong relationship with your photographer can help enhance the outcome of your session. By spending more than an hour with your photographer, you can chat, laugh, break the ice, and become more comfortable around them. This way, by the time the session kicks off, you will be more relaxed, confident, and ready to give the camera your best smile.

2. More photo opportunities

An hour may not be enough time to capture all the photos you want. With a more extended engagement session, you get more opportunities to try different locations, poses, and outfits, all of which can bring out the best in your love story. You will get to enjoy your session, experiment with different ideas, and end up with a broader range of photos to choose from.

3. Better lighting

If you are planning an outdoor session, having more than just an hour can be advantageous. Natural light is an essential aspect of any shoot, and proximity to sunset or sunrise can help bring out the best of your photos. With a more extended session, your photographer can plan your shoot around optimal lighting, which can greatly enhance the quality of your photos.

4. Location changes

A longer session can also allow for location changes, which can be a fantastic way to add variety to your engagement shoot. Your photographer may suggest starting at one location before moving to another. Moving to several locations will allow you to get diverse backgrounds and have a perfect mix of shots.

5. Get comfortable in front of the camera

Lastly, a more extended session can help you become more comfortable in front of the camera. Being photographed can be nerve-wracking, and it often takes time to become relaxed and at ease around the camera. With more time, you will become more comfortable, and your photos will become more natural and authentic.

At the end of the day book a session that works for you and your photographer. Your engagement session isn’t just about the photos, its about prioritizing time together, slowing down and being enjoy this incredible time your relationship!

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