Why you shouldn’t skip the engagement session when you are Eloping!

Your love story doesn’t start on your wedding day, so the photos shouldn’t either.

Documenting these moments for couples is bigger than just photos, its storytelling. You both had whole lives before you come stand in front of my camera lens, and honestly telling that story is as important as the story unfolding on during your wedding day. I fully believe the engagement session is another important part of that story.

You deserve to celebrate your love!

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Before your engagement session!

Between a zoom call, emails, and a questionnaire; we are going to discuss how you want to feel, not just how you look, during your engagement session. I want your engagement session to feel like you. Show off your personality and how you and your love interact during the small moments and the big. I want to know the funny story of how you met, your favorite thing to do together, and how you show each other love! Incorporating some of these details during your engagement session. Locations, prompts, and even how you are dresses might change based on how we want to tell your story!

Lets build an engagement session that tells your love story!

Meeting In Person before your big day can change everything!

Having a third (or fourth) wheel on a date can be a little weird, add a camera to that third person and it can feel even more uncomfortable. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to feel awkward. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable, or unsure what to do with your hands! Getting together for an hour or two before your elopement, getting in front of the camera, and learning more about each other during your engagement session will mean that we don’t use any of that time getting comfortable during your elopement.

Your comfort during photos is so important, individual poses can feel “weird”
because you haven’t done them before but the more comfortable you are the more creative we can get!

Your engagement session is an opportunity to do something different!

Get out of your comfort zone and lets create something amazing!

You might not be able to bring your dog to your elopement or wedding venue. Your engagement session however will have a different location and opens up the option to celebrate with your furrbabies! Even the location can show a different part of your personality that you may not be able to amplify on your wedding day! Whether we pick a fun location, include weird props, or invite all the pups, your engagement session is perfect way to get creative!

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Use your engagement session to go on a date!

Spend the whole day prioritizing each other. Do the things you love doing with each other! Heck include them in your session!

If your favorite past time is going to your local coffee shop and then walking the boardwalk, lets go!! Maybe a quiet hike, sunrise at the hot springs, or baking cookies in your own home, your engagement session can be what you want it to be. Amid the potential planning stress take a break and spend your date day indulging a little more! Life moves so fast and taking a day to slow down and reflect can be so much more than just a regular day!

You deserve time together to focus on just you! Relationship-self-care.

These moments are worth looking back on, putting on the wall, and celebrating for the rest of your life!

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