San Francisco City Hall Engagement Photos

R & R reached out to me for their original engagement photos when their original photographer canceled on them last minute. I made the drive to meet them in South Lake Tahoe. They booked their wedding with me and about a month before their wedding they wanted some updated engagements, photos no guest would see before their day! So we meet in San Francisco for some glam shots you are going to love!

San Francisco City Hall is a popular spot so here are some tips to get a more private feel during your time adventuring there!

Go early! Be the first ones in when they open and get a just us feel!

Be the last one there! Right before they close and enjoy the last few minutes there!

Find hidden spots away from the crowds.

Go to the 3rd floor, but take the elevator! Theres a lot of stairs so skip the walk and get some fun elevator shots!

Likely its going to be pretty busy any time of the year, its a popular destination so expect company and look for a secondary location for a more private affair!

It is always a good idea for an outfit change

Don’t forget the Iconic Door outside definitely a necessary stop for your session at City Hall

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