Apple Hill High Sierra Iris Garden Wedding

Wedding Ceremony in Apple Hills High Sierra Iris Gardens Wedding Northern California

First look by the pond

I love a good venue that has a variety of locations near by, You don’t have to do your first look in front of your ceremony location but you don’t have to jump in the car and travel to it either! Keep it close and remove the stress of location jumping on your wedding day!

Got the gals together and party

Always bring your dogs to your wedding and definitely have them be apart of your wedding party. These babes make the perfect bridesmaids and groomsmen!

The Bride’s Sister officiated

I am always a big fan of this choice, they know you so well and can make the ceremony incredibly personal and all about you and your family. It can also alleviate some of the pressure to make your sibling the made of honor or best man! They get an even more leading role in your wedding day!

The Gardens were glorious and the perfect spot for couples portraits. We could down at the party starting to rage and enjoy some quiet moments before joining in the celebration!

We got a little rain and all the easy ups went up quickly because sometimes you need a plan B

An easy to enact Plan B and this was a great option. Weather is finnicky even in May in Northern California sometimes you get that thunderstorm that seemingly comes out of nowhere and we just role with the punches and keep celebrating!

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