Wedding Stress: Ways to relax

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Wedding Planning can be stressful. I am pretty positive that any couple whether you are planning a wedding with 300 guests or an elopement you might be feeling the stress of Wedding Planning!

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Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest time of your life, if the planning process is adding stress to your life you may have this amazing period of engagement marred by that stress!

So here are a few tips to slow down and enjoy rather than focusing on all the potential issues that may arise!

Tip #1

Time Management

Set aside specific times for planning and when that time is done shut it down and give yourself the freedom to focus and enjoy other things! Give yourself permission to take a break!

Tip #2

Go on a date

Making time to be with your partner. Keep wedding talk to a minimum and make sure you are focusing on them. Whether a short date or a weekend getaway, time with your future spouse will hopefully help eliminate some of the stress!

Tip #3

Candle lit Bath

Truly make time for yourself in the process of planning your day. Not time to do something that will eventually help with wedding things, but a day to prioritize only your mental health. Take a day off, turn off notifications, and only worry about how warm or hot the bathtub is running and which bath bomb would work best!

Tip #4

Clean Something!

This is not my go to stress relief, however it might be yours! Its a great option to distract yourself from any potential problems that you can’t seem to fix right this moment! Its also great if your are like me and have been avoiding the dishes to try and figure out how to fix the latest problems!

Tip #5

Group Weekend Trip

Let someone else to plan but set aside a whole weekend to spend with your friends! Go out of town, do something fun, put your venmo on the back of your vehicle and let someone else pay for drinks! A great option for your Bachelorette and Bachelor parties!

Tip #6

Get outside!

Go for a hike or even just a walk! Getting exercise is always an important stress relief but add in the sunshine and get some vitamin D! Prioritizing a 15 minute walk every day and watch your stress melt. Don’t quote me I am not a doctor!

Tip #7

Turn on your Favorite Jam and Dance it Out!

Turn it on too loud bother the neighbors a little bit and dance down some of the stress levels! Up the dopamine and serotonin by getting your body moving and heart rate up!

Tip #8


Set aside to time to quiet all the noise and practice meditation! I find that this can be super difficult especially when all the things I need to do seem to pop up in my head as soon as I try and focus on nothing. Of course when you meditate you don’t need to focus on nothing but allow your brain to be free. Here are some tips if you are like me!

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1) Take a seat. Find place to sit that feels calm and quiet to you.

2) Set a time limit.

3) Notice your body.

4) Feel your breath.

5) Notice when your mind has wandered.

6) Be kind to your wandering mind.

7) Close with kindness.

Tip #9


Whether its a run, hike, or yoga, exercising is such a great way to relieve the stress you may be feeling from wedding planning! However I want to reenforce that it should be stress relief not cause you more stress! So don’t over do it, find a happy medium! Its all about balance!

Tip #10


I am a big fan of journaling, breaking down how I am feeling by writing it all down! Then I practice gratitude by journaling things I am grateful for, its my go to stress relief and lowering my anxiety levels!! I get journaling isn’t for everyone but try it out and see if you can break down some of the things you may be overthinking!

These won’t work for everyone. But try out different options and find what works for you! I want to make sure that your engagement season is filled with fantastic memories not marred by stress!

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