Avenue of the Giants Elopement Brunch

B & K fell in love with the redwoods and decided to tie the knot there as well.

Man dipping wife surrounded by giant redwoods in the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California for their Elopement. Redwood Elopement Photography

K & B reached out to me after getting engaged after seeing their friends elopement in Yosemite National Park and they were inspired to have their own adventure. We started theirs at a cute airbnb in the clouds.

After a surprise lunch reveal and a 15 minute drive out of the small town with only a drive through coffee shop, and we were off to the forest, where magic always seems to come alive.

Off to the Ceremony

K & B Went hiking along the trail a few months before their elopement and found a spot that they loved and felt like the perfect spot for their ceremony. My partner Dru officiated their ceremony standing a little further away to help with the intimate experience.

We brought out Ken’s surprise lunch and had a snack and wine

We headed on a hike in search of a monster root system that K needed a photo in front of, hiking while taking photos takes a little extra time since I will absolutely make you stop and walk, interact, and enjoy the moment when the lighting and moods strike!

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