Love Among the Giants: A Breathtaking Redwood Engagement Story

Alexa contacted me about shooting her proposal to Carina, she told the most beautiful love story of two families coming together and supporting each other while they pursued degrees and careers and dreams to build their lives together. A was surprising C with a trip to California after she finished the spring semester. Exploring Napa Valley, visiting San Francisco, and finally a picnic proposal. C obviously said yes, so we celebrated!

Two girls Kissing in front of a giant fall redwood and in between two Redwoods in the middle of a green sea of the redwood grove;

During our planning call we talked weather, of course I said it should be sunny with no rain because when is there ever any rain in June in California. And As always California proved me wrong with a heavy rainstorm on the drive and prayers that it would be over by the time we started. Lucky for us the clouds stayed but the rain moved on and we had the best weather for the most beautiful proposal and engagement session!

The two Redwoods behind A & C spoke to me and I really wanted to highlight the similarities between the two.

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