Smokey Vineyard Wedding Sierra Mountains

The fire raged within 60 miles and the wedding was almost postponed twice because of the potential need to evacuate, but the wind changed and need dissipated and a wedding went forward.

The First Look

Your wedding is your own, when you decide to not have a religious ceremony you can for sure bring the traditions you love to your ceremony, that may not be taking place in a church.

Its your day, do all the things you want, and throw out the things that don’t give you joy.

Devil’s in the Details

The tables were decorated with their favorite locations to travel with each other, pictures of the memories they shared together and reminding family and friends of these precious memories!

Documenting the in between moments has always been my favorite photos, interacting with family after years of separation, precious freaking moments.

Dance party with a short walk to the dance floor, string lights creating a mood, and a private dance before the rest of the wedding comes to interrupt, I mean watch the beautiful moments.

After Dark

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