Moody Mendocino Engagement Photos Woods to the Ocean

Mendocino County might be the hidden gem of the California Coast. I may be biased since it has long been my favorite area to adventure, explore, and camp. Redwood groves that pop up on the side of a back road, beaches with caves views and driftwood, and the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the ocean.

Ferns, Redwoods, and privacy is a hard combination to find on the coast some days but in this grove, we found all three with no issue and it was truly glorious!

Engagement session should really show off who you are as a couple, and the locations can help tell that story! If you start the journey in your favorite redwood grove, the story starts off pretty freaking amazingly!

Also I am obsessed with GIFs

Did I add basically all the photos from the gallery

No because I overshot and this is still just a portion of the final gallery that I will never stop posting them!

We headed to the ocean

Capturing the moments and allowing them to move is my favorite part of this session!

Mendocino is a quiet town on the coast, with a few tourists enjoying the wine and exploring the downtown shops. If you are anything like me please please head to the Gallery Bookshop and meet the Great Catsby, in my opinion its a necessary stop, every time.

Then head to the Mendocino headlands and enjoy a perfect sunset, well as long as the clouds haven’t pulled in!

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