Deciding if Eloping is Right for You?!

Weddings in general are deeply personal; eloping may be even more so.

For some, eloping equates to intimacy.

I’m definitely not the first elopement photographer to write this blog post, and I certainly won’t be the last. I sat down to write a blog post about what to do after you have chosen to elope, and I realized I was skipping a step: choosing to elope. Thus a new blog post, with a deeply personal path towards eloping.

Let’s define ‘eloping’ in loose terms. Generally, a wedding or ceremony with under 25 guests can be considered an elopement. Anything after that is entirely up to you. If you got overwhelmed by that statement, welcome to the Art of Eloping 101.

A few years ago some amazing photographers researched why people choose to elope, then 2020 happened. We’re all tired of hearing it, but it’s true: 2020 changed things in every aspect of life, including marriage.

Suddenly, the amount of elopements jumped to accommodate the increased demand for beautiful yet personal and intimate ceremonies that met social distancing requirements. And many people realized that, in fact, the grand wedding ceremony with hundreds of attendees and expansive costs weren’t quite what they needed (or wanted) out of their wedding anyway.

Reasons to elope:


Potentially saving money from minimizing the guest list and focusing on what matters most and it may not be the table settings for 350 guests

Just the two of us

(or more, if you want guests) Not everyone wants to be the center of attention even on their wedding day. That added layer of stress doesn’t say wedding bells for every couple and you get to decide. At this point in time choosing to elope because you want to celebrate the way that brings you the most joy and comfort. Keep that just about you!

Starting your marriage with an adventure

Skipping the Traditional wedding can be a great option if you’re ready to start the adventure. If your favorite thing to do with your partner is get lost on the trail you have that option to start your marriage in a similar way. Even start your wedding with your honeymoon and have your elopement in beautiful locations!

Want something vastly different than the every-day wedding day

None of the typically traditions float your boat. They don’t need to, your wedding day should be your traditions and the things you find beautiful.

Health and safety reasons

Reduced wedding day stress

When its the only the two of you and/or your closest friends you don’t have to worry so much if something doesn’t go perfectly

Avoid family drama—we all know it’s true!

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” .Leo Tolstoy

Weddings can be a breeding ground for all the family drama to come out of the woodwork. Limiting the guest list can become a dumpster fire but nixing the guestlist all together may prove to be a perfect option for the drama averse.


To do exactly what you want and nothing you don’t

These are just a few reasons many folks choose to elope rather than go with a big ceremony. Of course, in the end it’s about what’s right for you and your spouse, now what I think (or what anyone else thinks, for that matter!).

Whether you want an intimate and adventurous elopement, a count courthouse appointment or a grand wedding with all the bells, whistles, etc, I’ve got the experience and artistic eye to help you capture all the wonder and beauty of your wedding day.

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