Picking out the Perfect Location for your California Elopement

Picking out a location for your elopement can feel like a crazy amount of pressure when you first decided to elope! There are no end to the location options and if you narrowed it down to California I applaud your decision making skills, now lets narrow it down more!


Yosemite Elopement El Capitan Meadow Elopement Yosemite Locations for Elopements Elope in Yosemite Couple in Yosemite

One of my all time favorite locations, filled with the most beautiful spots. If hiking, cliffs, and waterfalls are your jam, Yosemite would be a fantastic Location for your elopement. In the Valley or on the cliffside, anywhere in Yosemite is an amazing Location, you can spend your whole elopement exploring, and stay at some of the best hotels or camp in the area! Yosemite does get busy, Peak Season in Yosemite is April through October, since they instated reservations it doesn’t get as busy however it will take more specific locations within Yosemite to find the perfect private Location!

Big Sur

Big Sur Elopement Location

Redwoods, Beaches, and cliffsides to die for! If you are having a smaller wedding, its helpful to book a location like a hotel or airbnb a lot of locations are harder to get to for large groups! Big Sur is great for a laid back couple, it doesn’t have to include a ton of hiking but it can! You can have a picnic on the beach, Ceremony on a cliffside, and couples portraits in the redwoods! You could wake up in a glamping tent in the redwoods and explore before heading to ocean. Big Sur is one of those locations that can be perfect year round

+ Weather H 60-75 L 43-51

+ Amazing Variety of places to stay

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Elopement Locations Best places to Elope in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a huge area, you will have to even narrow down from Tahoe to more specific locations. I would consider that Lake Tahoe could include everything from Truckee/Donner area all the way down to Hope Valley, spans through two states. Its a huge area, you can have an epic winter snowmobile elopement or Summer elopement with your Ceremony on a charter boat in the middle of the Lake. The options can be endless! Again Lake Tahoe can definitely be incredibly busy during the peak season.

+ Peak Season Late April – Early September

San Francisco / Bay Area

Moody Northern California Beaches, epic rolling hills and redwoods groves, and downtown city vibes perfect for the edgy couples. The weather is pretty much moody and gloomy all year round sunny days definitely exist but they are much harder to determine, however moody weather is my cup of tea, so it might be yours as well, get some of the PNW vibes but in California! So you will have crowds but that doesn’t have to take away from your day!

Mammoth Lakes

Dreamy Views at every angle, the most epic mountains, and hot springs to keep you warm! Whether you want to camp or ski, Mammoth Lakes was such a fun time! Hiking and exploring different alpine lakes I cannot get over K & V elopement. For the adventurous couple looking to explore but be near their cabin condo! Mammoth Lakes is a perfect spot for any couple!

Redwood National & State Parks

Redwood National Parks Elopement Elope in the redwoods

Die hard get lost in the woods fan and no woods ( at least so far ) top a grove of redwoods a specially these majestic peaceful giants. The redwoods are for the couple who wants to get up and slow down, Life has been crazy moving far faster than anyone should really be comfortable with and yet we can take a moment and stop. There is such a calm that happens in the woods. So obviously I am a fan of the Redwoods. These areas specifically are also super close to the coast, so beach photos are an option as well as some more of that moody weather that can be absolutely amazing for an elopement!

Mendocino California

Mendocino is one of those underrated small coastal towns that has some incredible hidden gems, its one of my favorite locations that I fully believe more people should know how amazing this area is, and I can’t wait to capture your elopement there. Glamping Campground Mendocino Grove would be the perfect spot to stay and rest before your elopement and get some incredible moments while getting ready. Between Fort Bragg and Mendocino there is no shortage of amazing spots for your Elopement!

Southern California Beaches

SoCal has an entirely different feel than Northern California, however moody the photo above feels, its usually much sunnier. Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, a plethora of amazing beaches, and warmer weather. Its definitely a different world but its one of my favorite locations to explore more and I’m excited for the new locations we will get to explore together!

Places I haven’t gone yet that I’m down to go next!

Joshua tree National Park

Palm Springs

San Diego

Death Valley National Park

Sequoia National Park

Glamis Sand Dunes

California May not be calling you, thats ok we can adventure somewhere new!

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